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SimCity: Upcoming Hotfix Improves Server Problems But Disables “Non-Critical” Features

In order to address SimCity’s ongoing server issues, Electronic Arts is on the verge of releasing a hotfix that disables some “non-critical” features. These include leaderboards, achievements and region filters, all of which will be brought back live some time later.

The step will ensure “various improvements” to the servers and will enable players to connect to the Origin servers once again.

“We are continuing to do everything we can to address the server issues. In the meantime, so that we can give you as good an experience as possible, we are in the process of deploying a hotfix to all servers,” wrote an EA community manager in the SimCity forums.

“This includes various improvements and also disables a few non-critical gameplay features (leaderboards, achievements, and region filters). Disabling these features will in no way affect your core gameplay experience.”

SimCity was launched earlier this week in North America but was instantly doused by various server issues which prevented users from connecting to the servers. Since the game demands you to stay always-connected for gameplay, a lot of players were left stranded.