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Guild Wars 2 – Flame and Frost: The Razing Teased

We reported earlier how the developers aren’t planning on a new Guild of Wars title but want to constantly release new content to make Guild Wars 2 into a Guild Wars 3 and so on. It certainly seems to be the case as the third part in the Flame and Frost saga is on its way to the world of Guild Wars 2.

The first part, Prelude, followed the Norn and Charr refugees as they struggled for a new home. The second part, The Gathering Storm, the refugees have settled only to be faced with more hardship that they must overcome. Finally, in the upcoming third part, titled The Razing, a molten alliance between the Dredge and the charr Flame Legion starts a violent conflict. We are introduced to Braham and Rox the charr, two Tyrians defending their homelands it they are being razed by powerful armies.

As is always the case, the new installment in the saga will bring a lot of changes to the Guild of Wars 2 universe. Arenanet plans to release it this march so expect to see new portals, new enemies and maybe even some general changes to the gameplay.