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Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC Releases on March 12

The Awakened downloadable expansion pack for Dead Space 3 will be released next week, EA has announced. The pack will arrive on the PC and Xbox 360 first on Tuesday March 12th, while the PS3 players will receive the DLC a day later on Wednesday March 13th.

Awakened comprises of several hours of gameplay content and is set right after the main Dead Space 3 campaign. It features co-op gameplay, as well as new weapon parts and circuits from the main game.

According to EA, the Awakened expansion introduces players to the series’ “darkest chapters”. Steve Papoutsis, general manager at Visceral Games said that the expansion will feature the “most disturbing content [players] have ever seen in a Dead Space game.”

Awakened will be priced at $10, according to a report from Polygon.

Earlier this week, a rumor popped up that EA has decided to scrap a fourth installment to the horror series due to poor sales of Dead Space 3. Dead Space 4 was allegedly in pre-production when it was scrapped. EA replied later that the rumor was false.