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Square Enix Register Yet Another Deus Ex Domain

Speculation over the future of the Deus Ex series continues as Square Enix trademark the second Deus Ex domain this week. Having previously registered websites for mysterious Deus Ex: Human Defiance, Square Enix have been putting a bit more focus on the supported IP recently.

There were rumours about whether Human Defiance was registered for the upcoming movie or a sequel to 2011’s absolutely fantastic Human Revolution. Square Enix went on to clarify that it was indeed for the live-action movie to be expected at some point.

Well, now they’ve gone and registered domains for, and .net, so what does this mean? If Human Defiance is the movie adaptation/tie-in/addition to Human Revolution, what could The Fall possibly be?

I personally am hoping for a sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as that was my Game of the Year for 2011, but it could go a few other ways. With the movie coming out, there’s going to be need for PR in other corners as well. The Fall could be a novel, comic book or web series that ties into the upcoming movie in some way.

Source: Superannuation