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Rare Posts Job Vacancies For New “Jaw-Dropping” Kinect Title

Something mysterious is brewing at Rare. The studio has posted a bunch of job vacancies regarding a new “jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before” Kinect project which probably will make its way to Microsoft’s new next-gen console.

Rare is searching for an experienced and highly technical engineer capable of delivering services that will power their new title. The person will be responsible for the creation of “large scale distributed systems with a focus on scalability, reliability and maintainability.” Knowledge of cloud-based services is a plus point.

Another vacancy asks for a region design manager to assist with “the next jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before Rare project.” The person should be experienced with “motion gaming, especially Kinect technology”.

The last listing points towards an expert physics engineer who will “deliver advanced game engine software for use within the studio” and “ensure that content authoring tools and the asset pipeline efficiently fulfill the evolving needs of physics based gameplay and animation.”

Looking at Rare’s track record, I’d say they are working on a new Kinect Sports title set on cloud-based technology and improved realism.