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Mass Effect 3 – Five Days Multiplayer Event Announced

Mass effect 3 is getting a lot of attention with the recent release of the Citadel DLC and now Bioware’s announcement of a big multiplayer event.

This might be the biggest multiplayer event held yet, as Admiral Hackett puts it, it’s “the largest-scale attack in the brief history of this war.”

The event titled Operation Lodestar will last a long time, from today and will continue through to the 10th. This gives players five days to participate thoroughly and make sure to get every reward.

You will have to get all three tiers, unlock all three commendation packs and a special banner by fighting off enemies and surviving on Platinum. Completing the event on other difficulties will earn you only the first-tier reward, except on silver which unlocks the second-tier reward. The first-tier reward is just a commendation pack, the second-tier reward is another commendation pack and the banner, finally the third tier reward unlocks the final commendation pack.

Read more about the announcement on Bioware’s blog.