God of War: Ascension – Trial of the Gods Revealed

The newly announced Trial of the Gods mode for God of War: Ascension is a co-op time trial mode that will pit you and a friend in a tag-team match up against five waves of the toughest mythological beasts that Olympus can throw at you, all the while fighting against time itself.

More than 15 types of enemies will be included in this gamemode, many of them failiar to you already. Satyrs, Cerberuses, Gorgons and more will all be part of the waves in this new gamemode.

When the clock starts ticking, it’s a countdown to see just how many things you can kill as fast as the pair of you can. Every single creature that you manage to slay will give you a bit more time on the clock, so the more things you kill the more time you’ll get. Every time you complete a wave you’ll get even more bonus time added to your count. If you manage to survive the deadly waves and get to the end of the fifth and final round, there’s a rather epic boss awaiting you.

The new gamemode will be featured on the following maps at launch, with more to come at some point: Desert of Lost Souls, Forum of Hercules, and Rotunda of Olympus.

Trial of the Gods will be playable in singleplayer mode as well as co-op.