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PlanetSide 2 Update 04 Comes With Some New Content

It has been quite a while since we heard anything from Sony Online Entertainment about PlanetSide 2, so it is about time for the next big update.

PlanetSide 2 update 04 has arrived, and frequent updates have started until the game reaches the final version. The last update was all about fixing bugs and general game UI and features, however, this update won’t be as dull; there will be new content, as well as some balance changes.

New content includes upgrades to the Flash ATV, including a cloaking device that infiltrators can use. More items bought using StationCash will be available to all the characters who are able to use them. There is also a VR training area in this new update where you can try out weapons, vehicles and whatever you have in mind. Finally, there will also be new re-spawn locations and a new empire specific rocket launcher. All this and more.

Concerning the balance updates, the blast radius from vehicle weapons has been reduced and the Prowler HEAT/HE rounds damage has been reduced among other things. Read more about the updates here.