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Paradox To Announce New Magicka Game

The indie action adventure game, Magicka was quite unique in every regard. It had a unique system of combining elements to create new spells, it had no mana requirement to cast spells and surprisingly, there was no character class system.

The game was immensely successful considering its humble origins and went on to receive many DLC releases that expanded the world, in particular, the Magicka: Vietnam DLC. Surely, the next step can only be a sequel, and it seems that might exactly be what the developers have in mind.

Publisher Paradox Interactive told PC Gamer of a Magicka announcement coming soon. Another inside scoop revealed that there are some ex-DICE developers working on whatever it is. The publisher assured that it will not be another DLC nor will it be a port.

The chances of a sequel seem high, but we’ll find out if that’s really the case in the Game Developer’s Conference which will be held later this month.