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Microsoft Debuts The Movie Pulp Exclusively On Xbox Live

March 4 is going to be a historic day in the annals of the Xbox Live service as it premieres its first ever, exclusive movie, Pulp.

Pulp is a British comedy film set in Birmingham and Stroke-on-the-Trent, England and stars Jay Sutherland as Tony Leary “a nice-guy owner of Junk-comics, who is gearing up for one last dice roll”. He lands into trouble with a criminal gang who are using another comic book company to launder their dirty money and are not keen on the launch of his new superhero comic “The Sodomizer”. The movie follows the journey of Jay as he gets recruited by the police to bring the culprits to justice.

Currently, the movie is only slated for release in the U.K. however, pending its success in the British market, the movie may also get a worldwide release in the coming days.

With the recent efforts of Microsoft in moving its Xbox brand away from game only system to portraying it as a media-center, this move comes of as unsurprising and expected. With the launch of Pulp, Microsoft has taken the first step towards realizing this goal and will, no doubt, follow this with more original content exclusive to its Xbox Live platform.