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Leaked Images Suggest Next-Gen Thief Game

Images of what appears to be the next Thief game, has been leaked onto a Russian website called GamesManiac. If the website is to be believed, Thief 4 will be a next generation title.

Judging by the screenshots, it seems as if the game will take place in Europe, sometime around the Renaissance era. Such a time period should serve as the perfect atmosphere for sneakin’ and stealin’.

According to the rumors, Thief 4 has been in development for four years, which might lend to an explanation of sorts, as to why it’s been nine years since the last installment in the series. Eidos Montreal is developing the game, which makes sense, given that they’ve been apart of the series since its inception.

As exciting as it is to hear that Thief 4 is in development, we should temper our expectations, for several people have already left the development team mid project. Composer and audio director Paul Weird, lead level designer Adam Alim, and Pierre-Olivier Clement, the previous lead level designer are among those who have departed from Thief 4.

This usually infers development struggles, which would go a long ways in explaining Eidos’ eerie silence over these past four years.