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Hal Hanlin Leaves Trion For Zynga

One of the producers of the popular MMORPG Rift, Hal Hanlin has left Trion Worlds to pursue greener pastures with Zynga. The announcement came today via Hanlin’s Facebook where a status update says:

Huge step today. After 4 and a half years at Trion, I have moved on. As of Monday, I will be working as a Lead Producer at Zynga. This is a huge opportunity for me professionally, and I will be working closely with some good friends.

Nothing but love for Trion, but with the maturation of Rift, there was no urgent demand for my specific skillset.

Thanks and deep respect to the people I have shared this whitewater ride with. Now it’s time for some new horizons.

RIFT is a great game and we here at SegmentNext all wish Hal luck with all his future endeavors, whatever they may be.

Source: Hal Hanlin’s Facebook