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Console Version of Resident Evil: Revelations Adding Harder “Infernal Mode”

If you’ve played the 3DS version of Resident Evil: Revelations enough, you may not see a reason to pick it up when the console versions hit in a couple months.  Capcom is looking to change your opinion on that with a new “Infernal Mode”.

Infernal Mode is punishingly hard and will test even the most experienced players.  Enemies and items will be randomized so there’s no memorization, anything could happen!  They’ve also added a whole new enemy called “The Wall Blister”; a new mutation for the T-Abyss Virus and a new challenge for Chris and Jill.

Revelations is due to launch in boxed form for PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 on 24th May (21st in North America).  Digital versions for PC and PlayStation 3 will be available on that date, and for other platforms later on.

You’ve probably heard that it won’t be coming to PlayStation Vita and Capcom has confirmed that. The company has claimed this is to focus on “the big screen experience” for its horror title, and not a reflection on the handheld’s less than stellar sales.  Of course it isn’t, Sony, of course it isn’t.

Does this entice you guys to pick up the console version?

Source: EuroGamer