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BradyGames Releases Tomb Raider Apps

BradyGames is definitely one of the biggest video game guide publishers, perhaps second only to Prima Games. The company has been really involved in Tomb Raider, with a pair of strategy guides and an art book already published in a printed format.

However, there was no digital alternative to the guide, that is, until now. The digital version has also been released, according to a recent post on the Tomb Raider tumblr. There are two guides in the offering, the “Tomb Raider Signature Series Guide” for a price of $9.99 and the “Tomb Raider Official Map App” with a price tag of $2.99.

The Signature Series Guide contains embedded videos, interactive maps, expandable screenshots and search and bookmark features. It is available on the iTunes bookstore and supports iPad 2 and above.

The Official Map App, on the other hand, is a comprehensive map of the island which guides you how to find each collectible. You can get information on every achievement, camp, document, GPS cache, relic, treasure map and challenge tomb. You can get the app from Google Play and the iTunes App store.