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Yu Suzuki Plans For A Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

It was heartening to see the Shenmue franchise die out for apparently no specific reason. The original open world adventure was a huge undertaking; the game was just huge; the budget was overwhelming, and the graphics were simply amazing. This was all back in 1991 and it was surprising that the game didn’t do as well in terms of sale, but it did well enough to make it one of the biggest Dreamcast titles along with the sequel, Shenmue II.

Both the games in the series were critically praised and were very ambitious. The franchise was supposed to be a trilogy we never got to see the third part, probably owing to the production costs which SEGA might not have been able to provide.

Well, 12 years later, there is hope for another Shenmue title. Sebstian-Abdelhamid, who works for French TV and is a member of the Monaco Anime Game Show, revealed that the veteran game developer Yu Suzuki.

Sebstian tweeted,

“Yu Suzuki just said that he is thinking about a Kickstarter to fund the Shenmue 3 developement ! #MAGS”

With the success of Kickstarter projects, especially in recent years, and the anticipation for another Shenmue built up for years, this might turn out to be one of the most successful Kickstarter projects.