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Blacklight: Retribution Confirmed for a Release on Consoles

Perfect World Entertainment, the publisher of Blacklight: Retribution on the PC has given Zombie Studios the green light for a console version of the game.

IGN reports that the negotiations between both parties over the console rights have gone well and the game is now heading towards the consoles.

The studio’s creative head Jared Gerritzen said in a press release, “Reacquiring the console rights to Blacklight: Retribution allows us a great deal of flexibility in the growth of the Blacklight franchise. We have always had huge plans for the Blacklight franchise and with this move we will finally be able to bring the game to console.”

…and that’s it. No further information was provided as to which generation of consoles the game would be releasing for. It’s also unknown whether Zombie Studios will be following the PC version’s format with a free-to-play model or not.

It’s possible that they will be doing so. CEO Joanna Alexander mentioned in a statement, “we are thrilled to see all of the major console manufacturers supporting the free to play business model.” However, nothing’s for certain at this point.