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Asda Slashes Away £50 From Both Wii U Editions

An attractive offer indeed! Asda has slashed away £50 from both editions of the Wii U console.

A Black 32GB Wii U bundled with a copy of Nintendo Land (the Premium Pack) now costs £249 on Asda, while the white 8GB edition with no games costs £199.

Asda’s not the only one who is reducing prices on the Wii U. Zavvi brought down the price of their Wii U Premium Pack to £225 last week. However, it was a temporary reduction, and the price is back up to £275.

Nintendo released their new console in November of last year to an average reception. Many consumers accused the console of not being powerful enough to be labeled as an entry into next-gen. If Nintendo is reducing their prices only 3-4 months after launch, it goes without saying that they will have a bad time later this year when both Sony and Microsoft release their new PS4 and Xbox 720.