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Saints Row 4: Possible Unveileing at PAX East, Rumored for August Release

Deep Silver is getting ready for an unknown reveal at upcoming PAX East and according to rumors it’s Saints Row 4.

The firm’s Aubrey Norris tweeted earlier, “Dear Media: You’re going to want to be at PAX East this year. If not, you’re going to be missing out on something HUGE. Just FYI!”. Whether that “huge” reveal is Saints Row 4 or not is still being speculated.

Deep Silver’s parent company Koch Media picked up the Saints Row franchise during the THQ auction last year. PAX East would be a perfect place for them to assure fans that the fourth installment is going to provide the same, if not a better experience.

Chris Stockman, who was previously the design director on the first Saints Row tweeted that the word “around the campfire” has the game releasing in August of this year for current-gen consoles.

If true then Koch may need to rethink their strategy since GTA V is releasing in September. With only one month between both games, I’m certain that many Saints Row 4 players will eventually shift to the new GTA game on release.

As always, everything here is based on rumors and speculations. The real deal will happen on March 22 when PAX East begins in Boston.