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Deus Ex: Defiance is the Movie Adaptation

I come bearing sad news fellow Deus Ex lovers. Last week we got a bit carried away following the news that Square Enix was submitting an application to trademark Deus Ex: Defiance.

We thought this would be the next game in the series but I’m afraid we were wrong; it’s just the name of the movie adaptation.

The URL in question,, is registered to CBS Films. I still have an unshakable faith that we WILL get another Deus Ex before long, but I must admit this was a pretty sucky let-down.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released back in August of 2011. A prequel to the legendary Deus Ex series of the past, DE:HR garnered both critical and commercial acclaim upon its release. This is the only news we’ve had about the future of the franchise however, and it really is disappointing.