Total War: Rome 2 Trailer Goes In-Depth Into The Battle of Teutoburg

Total War: Rome 2 portrays the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, and the latest trailer released emphasizes the ancient history embedded in the game.

Published by Sega, Total War: Rome 2 depicts the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in A.D. 9, in which the Roman Empire met a crushing defeat. The history goes that Arminius, a soldier raised in Rome, betrayed the Roman general Varus by mobilizing Germanic tribes in an ambush against the imperial army at the site of Teutoburg Forest.

The Roman Legion was cut down during a three-day battle that saw Rome’s expansion into Germania all but halted. The trailer bears witness to the ambush cutscenes in Total War: Rome 2.

Look out for Total War: Rome 2 when it hits the PC later this year, but for now check out this video to get your history saliva juices going.