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Sony: PlayStation 4 Likely To Support 4K Movies Download

Sony’s been pretty secretive about the media capabilities of the PS4, but they have stated that 4K movies download will likely be supported by the console.

Sony Electronics President and COO Phil Molyneux told this to The Verge, stating that “you will not be disappointed” when asked if the service would be available on the PlayStation 4.

This news seems to line up with previous speculations of the PS4 supporting photos and videos of the gargantuan 4K size, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see games in that range of video resolution.

But big size seems to bring with itself a big ask; Molyneux says a movie will be over 100GB, meaning you’re going to need a fast connection – REALLY fast, not to mention uncapped.

Sadly, 4K content is currently available in digital format only. There are experiments going on to get it on the more viable Blu-Ray format, which should nullify the 100GB downloading hassle. Molyneux also added that these are “challenges that we have to work through… we’ve got some very good ideas that will make that a comfortable consumer experience.”

We hope so Molyneux… at least for our sake.