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SimCity: Future Updates Will “Eventually” Expand City Sizes

SimCity launches next Tuesday and it will do so with a fixed size of its cities. Contrary to popular demands, the developer has decided to not increase the sizes of SimCity’s playing fields. Doing so would only cause performance drops for players; unless they have some heavy rigs to back the game with.

However, not many people own a sizable PC setup and it’s only befitting to create a product catering to the majority. That said Creative Director Ocean Quigley did drop a hint that perhaps in the future the development team “could certainly make the city sizes larger.”

“We need to keep in mind that SimCity is a mainstream game. It’s not a game that’s only going to run on high-end gaming PCs. It has to run in your dad’s PC as well. We’ll eventually get around to expanding the city size, but I can’t make any promises as to when.”