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New Details For The Witcher 3

With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt being released this year, it makes sense that we’re starting to get juicy tidbits of information here and there. Recently, a bunch of information has been released that is fairly interesting. Chief among them would have to be the fact that the game’s main story quest will be 50 hours long.

Geralt is also going to be much more agile in this game, and well be able to jump and climb whenever and wherever he wants to. In addition to that, he’ll also be taking a page out of Fallout 3’s VATS mechanic, and is going to be able to target specific body parts when fighting. Presumably this will add a lot more strategic depth to a game that was already notoriously difficult to play.

Fitting to its name, Wild Hunt, animals will appear randomly throughout your journey, which you can hunt. You’ll also be able to tame wild horses, which should be extremely handy.

There are a couple of changes to experience in the Wild Hunter. Geralt will now be able to reach level 60, but won’t be able to gain experience from hunting. Instead, you’ll get special resources and currencies for hunting, so there will be a huge incentive to do so.

SourceWorld of Players / NeoGAF