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Black Ops 2 ‘Revolution’ Makes Its Way to PC

The revolutionary map pack for the latest Call of Duty finally makes its debut on the PC, somewhat later than its console counterparts.

You can now purchase Revolution for Black Ops II, available on Steam for just £11.49, though if you buy the £34.99 Season Pass then you’ll get Revolution as well as the upcoming three DLC packs when they’re released.

Revolution brings some brand new maps to the table, allowing you to expand on your multiplayer experience with these all-new locations. Alongside the four multiplayer maps are some extra additions to the popular Zombies gamemode.

First up is the new Die Rise map that has proved to be insanely popular on consoles already and it’s complimented by the Turned mode, which allows you to play Zombies as one of the shambling undead in a five-player free-for-all match.

This DLC pack also contains the first ever downloadable weapon in Call of Duty‘s history. The Peacekeeper SMG is a very interesting weapon that adds the range of an assault rifle to the body of an SMG. Apparently it’s got some of the pro players riled up.