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Bethesda Announces First Round of Elder Scrolls Online Beta Invites

If you’re one of the many Elder Scrolls fans wanting to get in on the MMO closed beta, then your time is running out.  After having a small friends and family beta test, Bethesda has announced today that it will be sending out the first round of general public invites, for those who have signed up, later this month. 

You can head over to the Elder Scrolls Online website to sign up and be sure to give them as much information as possible so you can increase your chances of being selected!

If you’ve never participated in a beta test before and you’re wondering how the whole process works, you can also head over to this post to have any of your closed Beta and Elder Scrolls MMO questions answered.

Will you be signing up for the closed Beta or will you be content keeping your Elder Scrolls adventures offline? Let us know in the comments!