Battlefield 3: DICE Provides Short Guide to Domination in End Game DLC

End Game, the fifth and final DLC for Battlefield 3 will release sometime this month. Until then, DICE’s lead designer Niklas Fegraeus has shared a short starting guide to help players ready up.

1. Get a ride
All the new maps being brought in are large on scale. This intentional design is to coax players into using vehicles and keep the action high paced. “When talking about speed, you need some distance to cover, otherwise you won’t get anywhere,” Fegraeus divulged. “So, the maps in Endgame are quite big. The exception to that would be Sabalan Pipeline, which is a slightly smaller map. It’s still vehicle friendly but it has smaller distances to cover so it’s a little more catered to infantry combat.”

2. On your bike
There is more than way to reach your destination. Bike riders can launch themselves from various locations to take advantage of shortcuts and make better use of time. “We’ve added lots of hidden – and some are very obvious – jumps and you can make some really big air jumps or some small,” says Fegraeus. “You can do big shortcuts like over rocky terrain or something like that to reach the flag bases faster. So there’s lots of cool stuff to do for the people riding the bikes.”

3. Control the center…
Holding the central base is of the utmost importance since the team that does so can willingly fly in vehicles to any location on the map. This enables the troops to spawn right beside them and drive off.

4. …or bring an AA truck
However, even the Dropship can have a bad day while delivering its cargo. That HMMWV ASRAD comes with a homing missile launcher that can put down any air-craft in its sights. “Yes, we have two new jeeps with an AA turret on the back, so they provide very mobile, very fast, anti air support which is really nice because normally you might have to rely on either static AA or infantry which doesn’t have the strongest AA, but now you have this very mobile platform to take out air threats, which is really nice.”

5. Do a C4 jump
Riding shotgun on a bike enables you to access and use all of your weapons. This probably will allow players to come up with creative new plays. “What I like to do is to actually equip some C4, and then as you come up to some of the jumps, that go over roads and over crossings, if you time it right and there’s a tank passing by, you can actually go over the tank, drop some C4, and as you land next to it go click! And that is pretty epic.”