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New Plague Inc. Update Lets You Control the Zombie Apocalypse

The latest update for Ndemic Creation’s viral apocalypse simulator Plague Inc. has gone live today, and it adds the long awaited zombie virus. It’s called Necroa and seems like your typical deadly plague at first glance, but it actually contains some very interesting behaviors.

You’ll start the virus out like normal, increasing infectivity and keeping it under the scientific radar. You’ll upgrade the usual infection vectors and spread faster, until you decide that it’s time for your virus to reanimate dead corpses; and those corpses are hungry. This is when your usual game of Plague Inc. becomes completely different.

From here you’ll make your zombies stronger, faster, able to form herds and invade healthy countries, you’ll be able to give them the ability to spit infectious bile or recover from severe injuries to their bodies. All in a quest to eradicate humanity. The zombie apocalypse is here and you’re completely in control of it.

It’s not so easy, though, as you’ll still have to race against time to stop the cure from being completed before the dead rise. If you succeed there, you’ll, then have to watch out for a new group of government trained zombie fighters, called Z Com, which will set up anti-zombie fortresses in various countries and try to thwart your infection efforts.

This awesome-ness is all available for $1.99 in app purchase, unless you’re a pro player and have beaten all the other virus modes on Brutal, then you can access the Necroa Virus for free. Even if you don’t want to drop the money on the new content you’ll still get some welcome improvements to the user interface, balance and AI tweaks, additional language options, and improved performance on all devices. Check it out on iOS or Android today for $0.99!

Source: Touch Arcade