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EVE Online passes the 500,000 Subscription Mark and Teases Plans for the Second Decade

Everything’s looking up for the epic sci-fi MMO, EVE Online. Now that they’re past the 500,000 subscription milestone, what’s next for CCP, the company behind EVE?

CCP have had a rough ride recently. A recent rebellion by their players who were showing their dismay at what they conceived to be CCP’s disinterest with the game had the popular MMO on shaky ground for a while. Determined to turn things around, CCP have been going out of their way recently to prove themselves once again to their audience.

Luckily for CCP, a lot of attention has been bought to EVE Online recently. The very recent Battle of Asakai which was (accidentally) co-ordinated by the players of EVE helped to bring a lot of new players into the fold.

Just enough that now the number of active subscriptions has passed the 500,000 milestone. Whilst that might not match the mighty figures of say, World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic, those games spread their players out over a number of servers whilst EVE only has the one server with all those players crammed on it. That’s a lot of people in one place. There’s many other factors helping to promote the game as well, such as Dust 514 and media coverage for the many large-scale heists and battles.

Well, now that there’s half a million people all vying for corporate control of the game, CCP’s head staff are ready to talk about the future of the title. Hilmar Veigar Pétursson of CCP said a few things about the coming updates to EVE.

There are lot of things within the solar systems that are yet to be explored.

Hilmar made allusions to the coming events, mentioning that there are still things hiding in the universe that players haven’t seen and many new territories that would be accessible via wormholes. CCP don’t just want to expand on the game itself, they want to grow the game inward, revealing more of the universe that they’ve built.

Source: CCP Press Release