Blacklight: Retribution Onslaught Expansion Released

Perfect World, the publisher for Blacklight: Retribution has just released the game’s Onslaught expansion for free and there’s a lot of juicy content that comes along with it.

The Onslaught expansion adds a new co-op mode to the free-to-play first-person shooter called Horde Mode. It’s the first player-versus-environment game type released for the game. Onslaught also brings in three more PvP game modes; Search and Destroy, a bomb-defusal gametype for two teams, as well as Last Man Standing and Last Team Standing (which are pretty self-explanatory).

These new gamemodes take place on the new Centre map; the Onslaught expansion also adds two more maps to Retribution, Safehold and Metro. New weapons also come with Onslaught, with the Silver Crowbar melee weapon available exclusively to Steam players.

Blacklight: Retribution has also been localized for Turkey and is now available to play there. You can check out the Onslaught launch trailer above.