Battlefield 3 End Game Trailer Takes You On A Flyby Tour

The official trailer for the fifth and final instalment in DICE’s Battlefield 3 DLC shows you the new maps in a stunning aerial tour.

If you can’t wait to take a closer look at any of the four brand new maps included in the End Game DLC then you need to check out this newest trailer. You get to take a ridealong as the camera shows you some fantastic 3D views of the new maps in some glorious detail.

If you look closely then you can get a quick glimpse at the all new dirtbike vehicles as well as they plunge through the freezing tundra in Sabalan Pipeline. Whilst there might not be any gameplay involved, there are some drop dead gorgeous views which hopefully mean that the coming DLC will be just as beautiful.

Battle Field 3: End Game will release for all platforms in March 2013, not much longer to wait now, guys!