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The War Z Makes Its Way Back Onto Steam

The War Z is, undoubtedly, one of the most disappointing games ever, instantly inciting outrage from the whole of the gaming community. The game was removed from Steam with a valve representative personally apologizing for putting it on sale.

Many users bought the product upon release only to complain about the disparity between the product details and the actual game. In particular, the misleading numbers on the size of the map and server capacity. Furthermore, Hammerpoint also updated the game after release, in particular increasing the respawn time from one hour to four hours, with the ability to instantly respawn given that you cough up real money.

After much controversy and apologizing, there were some more disappointments such as the game’s trademark being suspended because of resemblance to Max Brook’s novel World WarZ and theupcoming movie based on it. However, time heals all wounds and after all theoutragehas died down, the game has somehowcrawledits wayback onto Steam. The productdetailshave been changedaccordingly and make nomentionof the mapsize and other controversial features.No wordregarding this has yetbeen heard from Valve or Hammerpoint.