Skullgirls DLC Fundraiser Page Gets Over $200K In One Day

SkullSkullgirls had all the charms of an indie game along with the polished look of a financially backed high-quality title. It featured a fun fighting system, unique characters and a fresh look. Well, fans will be happy to know that the game will be receiving some new DLC characters and updates.

The Skullgirls fundraiser page is aiming to raise money for the downloadable content as is quite popular these days. The total goal goes as far as $625,000 with several checkpoints along the way. The minimum of $150,000 is the real goal where the team will reveal their work on the new character, Squigly. Beyond that goal even more characters will be released such as Big Band and B.Dahlia, along with new missions for the characters.

Contributors will get a range of rewards ranging from an exclusive wallpaper pack to the ability to contribute to the game. For more information check out the fundraiser page.