New StarCraft 2 Heart Of The Swarm Trailer

The day is looming ever closer to when we get to sink our teeth into the Zerg campaign for StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm; and just in case you weren’t hyped enough, above is a super awesome trailer to get you foaming at the mouth for more StarCraft 2.

The long, drawn-out history of Heart of the Swarm’s development history, has lead to many units being scrapped that were once promised. If you lost touch with the development process, here’s a recap of what’s coming to Heart of the Swarm’s multiplayer scene.

Since the expansion is named Heart of the Swarm, it seems only fitting that I talk about the new Zerg units, first. Swarm Host is the first new unit you’ll get, which you can pick up in Tier 2 once you’ve made an Infestation Pit. Swarm Hosts will function as prolonged sieging units, who sit far away from vision, spawning free units to attack for them, much like a Brood Lord. The final new toy in the Zerg swarm is the Viper, which requires Hive tech. Vipers are ranged caster units that can hook onto units, and draw them into the Zerg swarm. They also have the old Defiler’s cloud from the original StarCraft.

My favorite race, Protoss, got the most changes in this expansion, seeing a complete overhaul of their air game. Toss can now get a flying Mothership Core, once they’ve built a Cybernetics Core. The Core is relatively inexpensive, and gives a bunch of new abilities to the Toss army. You can slow movement speed of units in a massive AoE, Mass Recall to any of your Nexus, and also temporarily turn your Nexus into a giant Photon Cannon. They also got another flying caster in the form of the Oracle, which will now function as the bane of all workers. Lastly, Toss gets the Tempest, which is a flying siege unit that has the longest attack range in the game.

Terrain managed to do the impossible and became even more annoying in this expansion, with the introduction of the Widow Mine and the Hellbat. Widow Mines are dirt cheap, hit both ranged and ground targets with missiles, but have a really, really long cooldown. Prepare to hate them. The Hellbats are a transformation upgrade for Hellions, giving the Hellions a lot more survivability at the cost of movement speed.

Heart of the Swarm comes out next month on the 12th and will only be available on the PC.