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Telltale Games Tease New Walking Dead Content

The creators of the very popular The Walking Dead point-and-click game tease some content that’s not related to the upcoming Season 2 of the game.

IGN reported earlier today of the mysterious new content. Writer for The Walking Dead, Gary Whitta teased the news saying that there was new content coming but it would be related to, or part of Season 2 of the game. He also wouldn’t comment on whether there was any relation between the new content and Season 1 of The Walking Dead.

The best news though was that it was going to come out before Season 2.

“You won’t have to wait for season two to play more Walking Dead,”

We’ve still got quite some time to wait until the release of Season 2, so whatever this mysterious content might be should hopefully keep us satiated until then. It does have the potential to be anything right now, from a surprise sixth episode for Season 1 to perhaps an Android version of the game.

“Knowing that it’s a way off, and knowing that people are hungry for more Walking Dead… There may very well be more Walking Dead from Telltale before season two,” said Whitta. “We may have a little something extra for you between season one and two.”