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Respawn Entertainment Will Be Attending E3 This Year

Respawn Entertainment, the independent studio formed by ex-Infinity Ward head developers, are going to be at E3 2013.

Vince Zampella and Jason West, formerly of Infinity Ward, formed their own studio in early 2010. Since the formation of their independent studio, Respawn Entertainment, we’ve not actually seen any work from Zampella and West. Despite several ex-Infinity Ward employees (Some 38 of them, to be precise) joining the ex-head devs in creating new work for themselves, we’ve only seen tidbits and rumours from the company.

So, with that in mind…just why are ‘Respawn’ going to be at E3 this year? Do they have some surprise announcement coming up?

Well, Zampella has said via Twitter that they won’t be showing up to the expo empty-handed, he just hasn’t said much else yet. As things are looking now, it seems that E3 is going to be the staging grounds for the reveal of Respawn’s first game, which is supposed to be a sci-fi shooter.