Mass Effect 3 DLC ‘Reckoning’ Trailer

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3 is getting its final bit of multiplayer DLC. A NeoGAF user has confirmed all the new things we will see in the upcoming DLC.

The user’s source was a live stream that Bioware conducted. All sorts of additions have been made in the DLC like new characters, equipment and weapons. Their details are as follows:

Geth Juggernaut Soldier: Huge Geth unit. Cannot dodge or take cover. Cannot be staggered. Powers: Assault Pulse, Hex Shield, Geth Turret.
Turian Cabal Vanguard: Female biotic Turian, as introduced in Omega. Biotic abilities for dodge. Powers: Poison Strike, Nightshade Blades, Biotic Focus.
Alliance Infiltration Unit: EDI-like cyborg. Can uppercut because reasons. Powers: Tactical Cloak, Snap Freeze, Repair Matrix.
Krogan Warlord Sentinel: Gigantic hammer wielding Krogan. Cannot take cover or dodge. Rage regenerates health. Powers: Tech Armour, Biotic Hammer, Electric Hammer.
Talon Mercenary Engineer: Human mercenary armed with a tech bow because 2013 continues the “Year of the Bow”. Powers: Trip Mines, Armor-Piercing Arrows, Concussive Arrows.
Awakened Collector Adept: Yes, a Collector. Assumed to be controlled by Leviathan. Powers: Dark Sphere, Seeker Swarm, Dark Channel.

Geth Spitfire Assault Rifle: A portable Geth Gatling gun.
Venom Shotgun: Explosive round firing shotgun. Charge to have rounds fragment into more explosives.
Lancer Assault Rifle: New assault rifle.
Blood Pack Executioner Pistol: One-shot-per-clip high damage Magnum-like pistol.
Chakram Launcher Assault Rifle: Explosive disk launching rifle.
Blood Pack Punisher SMG: Heavy submachine gun, good against armour.
Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle: Electric based rifle. Shoots travelling electrical rounds (no hitscan).

Geth Scanner: Enhances radar?
Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials: Lowers weight of assault rifles.
Pistol Power Amplifier:
SMG Power Amplifier:
Shotgun Ultralight Materials: Lowers weight of shotguns.
Batarian Gauntlet: Replaces any class heavy attack with the Batarian’s falcon punch. Looks great on a Volus.

As was the case with all previous multiplayer DLCs, this too will be free. The DLC is set to release on the 26th of February, today. It will be released across all platforms except for the Wii U. Keep in mind that there is also a final single player, story-related DLC making its way to the consumers shortly.