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Guild Wars 2: All Tournaments Are Free

All tournaments are free for everyone to participate in as of the next patch, according to the ArenaNet official blog.

According to the post, the new ratings and match-making system in place results in Paid Tournaments being absolute and that the “ticket cost barrier-to-entry” is no longer necessary. The Paid Tournaments were reserved for “hyper competitive players” where the Free Tournaments were for casual players.

After the patch, we will be having single round tournaments and triple round tournaments, and both tournaments will have separate matchmaking ratings. All of you who currently have paid tournament tickets (that are now obsolete) can exchange them for gold silver and copper tournament reward chests.

The blog also states that Qualifying Points will be removed as a tournament reward, but top Qualifying Point earners will receive an in-game prize instead of the points.

You can check out the blog post for yourself on the official ArenaNet website.