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Gearbox Remade Aliens: Colonial Marines To Make It Playable

Aliens: Colonial Marines built up a hype owing to the impressive per-release demo among other things. The game, however, looked nothing like the demo and we finally know why.

It turns out the game was redone because the original version was really resource hungry. Of course, this was a problem for the consoles as well as your everyday gaming PC. The demo was created by TimeGate and according to sources, they were told not to worry about the performance issues but to make the demo as good-looking as possible. Therefore, in reality, the demos were unplayable because they were not designed to be played on normal, affordable machines.

After the demo was made, the game had to be optimized to be playable. Later on Gearbox would take over themselves only to make drastic changes to a game that wouldn’t even run on the PS3. In the end, the game was rushed and although the original assets by TimeGate were kept, the textures and graphics were lowered dramatically.

A source involved with the project summed it up by saying that “The game feels like it was made in nine months. That’s because it was.” Overall, the whole Aliens: Colonial Marines episode like a twisted controversy where every concerned entity is found blaming the other. What are your views about it?