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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Movie Rumors Dismissed

A rumor that broke out over the weekend regarding a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic movie has now been dismissed.

Drew Karpyshyn, a former BioWare employee who also wrote for Knights of the Old Republic said today that the rumors are not true. Karphyshyn added that he’s currently not been working on any script for a Lucasfilm adaptation of the RPG and has no idea if such a project even exists.

Ain’t It Cool News were the ones behind the rumor which was reported over the weekend. The site has now updated the posting with the following:

Drew Karpyshyn contacted me and let me know that he has heard nothing about a KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC movie. Of course even if he was working on it, he couldn’t say so – but I’m going to say this looks like a rumor that we can put to rest for now.

Karpyshyn retired from the games industry in February last year. In his life time, he got the opportunity to work on Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate and jade Empire in addition to the original KOTOR.