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Sony Stocks Take A Hit After PS4 Reveal

Although the reception to the reveal of PS4 on Wednesday has mostly been positive in the videogame industry, Sony’s share prices have fallen regardless.

Initially, the reveal of PS4 gave Sony’s stock a boost but overnight the company’s share price dropped from $14.46 to $14.21. At close on Friday, the ticker was down to $14.07 a share.

So, what may have caused all this? Well, Forbes has a few of theories. Firstly, the actual console was not shown mainly because the design has not been finalized yet. Secondly, Sony’s stance on cloud video gaming is still largely unclear.

Thirdly, many people around the world are transferring to mobile devices like android and iPhones for their gaming needs. This may not be true for the hardcore gamers, but one cannot deny the appeal these devices hold for the millions of casual gamers out there.

This is no doubt the toughest challenge Sony and others will have to overcome this year. Until Sony can prove itself in this department people all over the world will be hesitant to invest in Sony.