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Project Gotham Racing Trademark Renewed by Microsoft

According to Trademarkia Microsoft has renewed its trademark for Project Gotham Racing. The news just adds more fuel to the fire that a new Gotham Racing title is heading towards Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox console.

The trademark was first registered back in 2001 and covers “computer programs, namely, game software for use on computers and video game players.”

Off course, a company renewing their trademarks is just everyday practice. However, with the announcement of a new Xbox around the corner, the news is enough to drive more excitement towards fans.

Earlier this month, VG247 reported of rumors that Project Gotham 5 was in development at Liverpool studio Lucid Games. A teaser art for the game was also uncovered from the LinkedIn profile of the studio’s character animator with the description: “Currently working as animator on a soon to be announced game.”

We’ll know in a month or two if Project Gotham Racing 5 is really heading for the new Xbox 720 or not.