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Mojang’s Humble Bundle Mojam 2 Concludes With Nine New Games

For the second Humble Bundle Mojam, Mojang invited five other indie studios to create games based on themes chosen by fans, all in the span of 78 hours. Mojang itself split up its personnel into four teams to create a total of nine games.

Mojang’s teams mostly wound up with “nuclear” themes: their entries were titled Nuclear Pizza War, Endless Nuclear Kittens, Battle Frogs, and Nuke the Dinosaurs Blueprint Prototype. The other games in the bundle include Tektonic from Grapefrukt, Space Hunk from Ludosity, 3918 from Oxeye Game Studio, Wasteland Kings from Vlambeer, and Low-light from Wolfire Games.

You can still grab the games, however. All proceeds from the Humble Bundle Mojam 2 are split between your choice of two charities: the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Block by Block. Donations will be accepted until March 2 but after that getting a hold of these games may be difficult.

The event has raised over $471,000 for charity so far, and that number is sure to rise until the deal ends on Saturday.