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Guild Wars 2: Global In-Game Leaderboards Inbound

Guild Wars 2 will soon be getting global in-game leaderboards following the release of this month’s patch. At the start, the leaderboards will only include PvP but eventually ArenaNet will bring out other game modes as well.

It’s uncertain as to why the leaderboards can’t be brought in with a single patch. Perhaps it’s something to do with ensuring stability. ArenaNet has promised that multiple patches will help bring in the content stage by stage.

In an interview with GameSpot, director Colin Johanson said:

From the PvP side of the game, one of the things we’re really trying to do right now is provide all the core support to build the base that you need for a really compelling PvP experience. This month we’ve got our two team-rated games going in, so teams can play against each other in competitive play and they earn a rating for it.

Johanson also said that in-game leaderboards is something the “PvP community has been asking for” a long time and this “will basically allow people to see who are the best PvP players in the world and have that updated on a constant basis.”

He then went on to mention the stage process: “We’re going to be rolling out in stages, so we’ll roll them out with a small number of people first–maybe the top 100 players will be on the leaderboard when we first roll it out–and we’re going to make sure that it’s really stable and functional, and then we’re going to keep adding to that and expanding on them going forward.”

The director didn’t however, name a date on which we can expect the first patch. His mentioning of “soon” makes us guess early-mid March.