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Crysis 3: Rope Physics Causing Performance Issues

Wondering why your $1000 rig is still giving performance issues when running Crysis 3 on the maximum settings? Apparently, the game’s rope physics are proving a bit too much at the moment.

Since its release, many players have been reporting that they are facing some serious frame rate issues when playing the game. Even players boasting dual GTX 680s claimed of facing similar problems.

While everyone was pretty stumped and most just started blaming Crysis 3 of being badly optimized, a fellow modder who goes by the name of MaLDo spotted the issue. MaLDo is also the creator of the Crysis 3 enhancement mod MaLdOHD.

“The real problem are the moving ropes,” he writes and then posted the proof as well. You can head to his blog to check that out.

Hopefully Crytek will release a short and quick fix to the issue which is plaguing everyone throughout the first level.