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Bungie Promises “Full Vision” Of Destiny On All Platforms

Bungie has laid to rest all fears regarding inferiority of the current-generation version of their upcoming shooter Destiny with its next-generation version.

Addressing worried fans, Bungie promised that they’d be bringing the “full vision” of Destiny on all platforms and that no version will be inferior to the other.

“We’ve been planning for multiple hardware platforms from the very beginning, and while we can’t get into the minute technical details of each console, we’re fully committed to delivering our full vision for Destiny on every console we ship on,” Bungie said. “Currently, that list is PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.”

That said Destiny is also rumored to release for the PC, as well as Wii U and Xbox 720.

Destiny was announced last week during a Sony media briefing. Bungie has already promised exclusive content for the Sony version but has not given details on what the content would be.