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Battlefield 4 Confirmed As A Next-Gen Release

We reported some news earlier about Battlefield 4 and promised more. Well, there is more news, EA confirmed that the game will be a next-gen title.

EA told earlier this year that the game was to come out next year, 2014, so it doesn’t surprise that much that the game will be targeted for the next-gen consoles. President of EA Labels, Frank Gibeau, revealed that the game had been shown to 500 store managers and left them impressed. We know for a fact that the GameStop CEO certainly liked it and all he had to say was “WOW!”

Gibeau boasts EA’s next-gen potential by assuring in his statement that console partners were definitely impressed. The statement was in response to recent lay-offs, which came about owing to the next-gen changes. To that end he had simply stated, “Transition is our friend.”

We will report more information as soon as we get it, which most probably would be near the end of April or early May when the game is expected to be officially revealed.