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AMD Teases New “TRESSFX” Technology

AMD has posted an image on their blog which teases the reveal of a new feature called TRESSFX on February 26.

AMD is calling it “a new frontier of realism in PC gaming” and for now, we’re uncertain as to what the feature really is. As far as we can tell, it seems to be a new rendering technology, possibly relating to hair or character physics.

The image (above) carries a significant focus on hair flow, along with the words “Render, Rinse, Repeat”. I’ll be damned if TRESSFX gets revealed to have nothing to do with hair!

TRESSFX also could very well be AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s PhysX technology. I know a lot of AMD users would be happy for the prospect. With a new generation of games inbound, AMD seems to be readying themselves for war.