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Wasteland 2: New Update Addresses Game System Questions

InXile Entertainment recently provided an update about game systems for their upcoming apocalyptic role-playing game Wasteland 2. The update left the developer with a lot of fan questions to be answered. Today InXile has addressed those concerns in a new update on their Kickstarter blog.

Our goal with all of our systems is to allow you to customize them, including their keyboard short cuts, to get the exact input system you want. For all systems we have a default setting that we feel provides the best experience, but knowing that everybody has their own preferences we have implemented a robust settings menu.

Several elements of the game’s camera can be changed through the settings, including zoom level, tracking and rotation. A player can set it according to his/her likings. Whether they like to see a close-up of the scene or a wider shot at whatever heights they please. By default the tracking system will follow the game’s party but this can be changed as well.

The HUD will consist of five elements: Character portraits, mini-map, an action bar, hot key selector and a description text window. All these can be customized or hidden at will.

The keyword dialogue system is interesting. It will depend on the user’s interaction with NPCs. NPCs will have different reactions to keywords depending on previous player responses, gameplay choices, skills, attributes and more.

Wasteland 2 is expected to release in the fall.