PlayStation 4 Announcement Was a “Bizarre Product Launch” – Travers

Biotechnology analyst Charly Travers calls the PlayStation 4 unveiling as “bizarre” and the “beginning to a year of buzz building.”

During a video segment from a Motley Fool Money roundtable discussion on Sony’s latest reveal, Travers said that thanks to Sony video game stocks for various firms are on the rise. This includes Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, Activision Blizzard and GameStop.

The fact that the PlayStation 4 console was not shown during the announcement left Travers calling it a “bizarre product launch.”

… They’re trying to make a more immersive experience off the more robust hardware that’s packaged into this console. However, they didn’t actually show a console. They didn’t give a firm release date other than to say by the holidays … it’s a long way off.

He also added that it’s unlikely the console will include all its promised features at launch.

Apparently around-the-cloud gaming and such aren’t necessarily going to be live at launch.