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Bioshock Infinite Pre-Orders Will Get You Free Games, But There’s A Catch

In a deviously clever marketing ploy, 2K is offering up a number of free games and prizes to those who pre-order Bioshock Infinite on Steam, but only if they get enough Bioshock Infinite pre-orders. The rewards for pre-ordering are split into three tiers and at each tier, every person who has pre-ordered the game will get more prizes.

At Tier 1 customers will receive a free copy of the first Bioshock. Not really an amazing gift as most of you probably already own it, but you can gift it to that one friend who hasn’t played it.

At Tier 2 customers receive the above, plus a bunch of Team Fortress hats for free. These include the Vox Diabolus mask, the “Pounding Father” wig for Heavy, the Pinkerton Blind Justice badge, an iron mask, the Doe-Boy diving helmet, the “Sydney Straw Boat” hat, and the Steel Songbird.

At the third and final Tier, customers will get the above, plus a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown which can also be gifted.

You can check out the Steam page for yourself, as you can see, the first tier of rewards have already been unlocked, and they’re 7% of the way to tier 2.